Wheat Field

Athena is a breath of fresh air even in the heaviest of circumstances. She keeps the session focused on what's working, moving forward, and becoming a better version of myself.

Stephanie G.

Athena has a wonderful way of providing empathy for how I am feeling about starting a business. She has a very calming demeanor and makes you feel very comfortable, even with silence. I left the first session knowing that what I am doing right now is a true reflection of who I am and that I want to continue doing it because it is based on my true authentic self.

Julie P.

Athena has a very gentle way of helping me see things in completely new ways. I have been floundering and feeling lost, but now every time we meet, I feel like I'm taking a step forward. Athena has a calm demeanor, but is also very practical and action-oriented. She holds me accountable for working through my stuff and making firm decisions.

Ken L.